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What I Wish Everyone Knew About Being A Psychiatrist Vs. Psychologist?


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Jan 13, 2024
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Are you thinking of having professional support for yourself or someone you know? You may start by thinking about going to a psychiatrist vs. psychologist. Well, these two are considered the same most of the time, but they are not.

Picking a mental health specialist for yourself can be tiring as there are just so many options. In addition, the kind of support they will give you may be different, and hence you need to know which one offers you what so that you know you are not getting something you don’t even need.

psychiatrist vs. psychologist

So, let us get started with what is a psychiatrist vs. psychologist?


Psychiatry refers to many brands of medicine that focus on prevention, causes, diagnosis, and mental health issues. The field of psychiatry is based on different biological factors such s genetics which leads to emotional and mental health symptoms.

Psychiatrists often recognize that the social and environmental factors might also be applying for their role, but they mostly approach mental health symptoms from a biological angle. They have their training in a linked field, including:

• Genetics

• Biochemistry

• Neurology

• Social science

• Psychology

• Psychopharmacology

A psychiatrist will come with one of the two medical degrees, including Doctor of medicine or Doctor of osteopathic medicine. They will also have an advanced qualification from residency and develop a specialty in psychiatry.

Once they have the degree, they should take the written exam and get a license to practice medicine. Then, to be certified by the board, they will take an exam every ten years to recertify themselves for the work.

What services will a psychiatrist offer you?

Psychiatrists help in the diagnosis and also the treatment of mental health conditions. They are licensed to give mental health care and practice being medical doctors. They will take the medical history and evaluate whether any underlying conditions or medications you take may play a role in your symptoms.

Their medical degree allows them to order different medical tests and prescribes medicine to understand and treat your symptoms.

Psychiatrists work in these settings:

• Private practices

• Hospitals

• Psychiatric hospitals

• Nursing homes

• Hospice programs

• Rehabilitation programs

A psychiatrist will ask different questions to get information about your mental state symptoms. Then, based on your symptoms, they may use psychological evolution or suggest various lab tests to find the correct diagnosis.

Psychiatrists may give you the following treatments:

• Antidepressants

• Antipsychotic medications

• Mood stabilizers

• Stimulants

• Sedatives

Psychologists may give you the following treatments:​

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • EMDR Therapy
  • Humanistic Therapy
  • Gestalt Therapy
  • Person-Centered Therapy
  • Behavioral Therapy
  • Psychodynamic Therapy
  • Psychoanalysis Therapy
  • Dialectic Behavioral Therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • etc.

What is the difference between psychiatrist vs. psychologist?

Different psychologists tend to focus on social, environmental, and cultural factors instead of biological ones compared to psychiatrists. They will help identify negative thoughts and other areas of brain function that may affect your emotional and behavioral health, along with the critical sentimental or different life stressors that play their part.

Most psychologists use therapy to help in treating mental health symptoms. They may also consult with different healthcare professionals or study therapy approaches to treatment programs.

What is the difference between psychologists and psychiatrists in terms of practice?

Psychologists and psychiatrists work in most similar healthcare settings: clinics, private practices, schools, rehabilitation programs, and a lot more. Psychologists who treat your mental health symptoms will talk through therapy, giving space to share emotional stress and mental health issues you experience in a series of sessions.

They will offer you guidance and also support you with understanding the symptoms, and teach you to cope and navigate with your problems.

What is the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist in terms of training?


These medical doctors have 11 years of training and sometimes even more. They will first do a medical degree in a university. Next, they will be spending at least a year or two in training as a doctor. Finally, they will complete five years of training in treating and diagnosing mental illnesses.


Psychologists have eight years of university training and get supervised experience. They might also hold a Doctorates level of qualification in psychology. If they have a Ph.D. degree, psychologists may call themselves doctors, but they won’t be medical doctors. Clinical psychologists have special training in the treatment of mental illness.

Therapists/Licensed Professional Counselors​

We are called Licensed Mental Health counselors here in Florida, which are the same, but different states have different titles.

Therapists have a master’s degree minimum and over 1,000 hours in their program plus another 2,000 hours post-graduate degree.

What are the conditions that psychiatrists and psychologists treat?

Psychiatrists treat people who need medical, social, and psychological needs considered. These are mostly those people having complex conditions such as:

• Schizophrenia

• Bipolar disorder

• Severe depression

A psychiatrist will mostly tend to someone that has attempted suicide or happens to have suicidal thoughts.

While psychologists are more likely to see those with conditions that psychological treatments may greatly help, this may include behavioral problems, depression, and learning difficulties.

Whom should I see?

If you are not sure whether you must see a psychologist or a psychiatrist, you should talk to your GP. They will give you advice about whether you should see a psychologist or a psychiatrist. It will be based on your unique condition and the type of treatment you require. Some people also see both.

These professionals also often work together. For example, a psychiatrist may make very initial assessments and diagnoses, then suggest you go to a psychologist for all ongoing psychological treatments. These professionals also work alongside each other in hospitals, being part of the mental health teams.

What is the biggest difference of a psychiatrist vs. psychologist?​

Psychiatrists prescribe medications for mental health but they are not trained to utilize psychotherapy or talk therapy to help their patients.

Psychologists and licensed mental health counselors use talk therapy to help their clients rewire their thinking and they can’t write prescriptions. They typically recommend their clients to talk to their doctors about certain medications.

There are also natural ways of dealing with your mental health in addition to psychotherapy. I will be recommending natural products and lifestyle changes to help my clients when I am a practicing Licensed Mental Health Counselor.

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Psychiatrists and psychologists are different people. Psychiatrists are the medical doctors who can give a range of treatments and plan your treatment as a whole. Your GP may also give you some help in deciding whether you should go to a psychiatrist or a psychologist as both may help you in different ways.

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