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Two great science podcasts for kids


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Jan 13, 2024
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Want to put some pep into those summer commutes and road trips? Here are two high-quality, information- and fun-packed science podcasts for kids. Check them out—you’ll be amazed at how much you will learn too.

FYI both these podcasts are accessible for free on iPhone (through the Podcast app) and on Android (through Stitcher).

brains on!


brains on! is the gold standard when it comes to podcasts for kids. Created by American Public Media, the podcast mines science-related questions from curious kids worldwide to determine the themes for each episode. Host Molly Bloom teams up with lucky young invitees to introduce segments of the show, so children’s voices and views are prominently featured. There is sometimes a dissonance between the (adorable) toddler-age voices and the complexity of explanations which seem more suited to tweens and older, but overall, a big thumbs up. The podcast has a very interactive feel, drawing listeners in with fun elements like the “mystery sound,” and a great selection of topics (farts included!). Try this episode, which explores why the sea is salty. Ages 6-12

The Show about Science

Nate Butkus is the totally adorable host of this podcast, which he started with his dad in 2015 when he was just FIVE! On his show, Nate interviews a host of top-notch experts on topics from the role of bacteria in making cheese, to the future of gene-editing with CRISPR.

Nate’s infectious curiosity and thoughtful questions prompt the scientists to explain complex concepts in ways that kids—and a lay adult audience—can understand. This makes the show great for just about any age, but especially for kids aged 6-12+. Nate’s got a host of fans from NPR to Ellen DeGeneres, who recently had him on her show. Check out this episode about genetics. Ages 6-12

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