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StudentUniverse announces the launch of Flyaway, a new brand dedicated to expanding discounts for 18 to 30-year-old travelers


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Jan 13, 2024
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StudentUniverse, the largest student and youth travel agency in the world, has announced a new brand for young travelers; Flyaway. Flyaway will offer millennials and young travelers exclusive discounts and travel deals for verifying their age before purchasing, allowing young professionals to take advantage of the benefits of travel while they’re still young.

“At StudentUniverse, our mission is to open up the world for students. We make it possible and affordable for students to travel, but we always had this massive opportunity and desire to serve an even greater youth audience,” said Mike Cleary, Global MD. “Our student customers graduate, both from college and our service—and we wanted to continue to offer them more travel options and discounts for their post-grad years.” As students graduate and begin careers, their desire to travel continues, but the high costs of many destinations and difficulties of planning trip logistics leaves many millennials without the time or resources to travel more. As a result, about 69% of millennials end up with unused vacation days at the end of each year and are the generation most likely to say they feel “vacation-deprived.”

Flyaway will provide an alternative to expensive direct booking options, allowing young professionals and travelers more affordable travel options. Through flexible search features, exclusive deals negotiated with dozens of airlines and resources specifically for millennials and other young travelers, Flyaway will make travel accessible for all young people—not just students. “With Flyaway, we are introducing an alternative to the general market: something better for young world travelers, backed by our amazing suppliers and partners,” said Mike Cleary. “This is day one for this brand, but we are fortunate to share technology and customer service with the proven and fast-growing StudentUniverse platform.”
Travelers between the ages of 18 and 30 can get better terms and pricing on travel and flights by downloading the flyaway app. Learn more at www.flyaway.com.

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