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PW 5: Measuring the right thing


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Jan 13, 2024
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Last in the series…

Most of us were indoctrinated to believe that completing chores is the appropriate measure of productivity.

“I did all my homework.”

Doing all your homework is a measure for industrial bosses.

But what, precisely, did your homework ever do for you?

The actual measures of productivity that might be useful range quite a bit:

  • I did enough to not get fired.
  • I did enough to get promoted.
  • I did enough to get hired by a better firm.
  • I solved a problem for a customer who was frustrated.
  • I changed the system and now my peers are far more productive.
  • I invented something that creates new possibilities and new problems.
  • I created new assets that I can use (and others can as well).
  • I didn’t waste today.

Pick your measurement and the impact of your chores will change.
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