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Early Praise for The Ancestral Table


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Jan 13, 2024
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I know, it’s totally unfair of me to be writing about how people like my book when it won’t release until Tuesday! I’m a big jerk. But I wanted to take a minute and thank the people that have helped to bring some attention to The Ancestral Table during these past couple of weeks, and to share some of their impressions of the book. Without further ado, let’s dig in.


image courtesy of Primal Palate


Michelle from Nom Nom Paleo shared a few deep, dark secrets in her post, 8 Things You Didn’t Know About The Ancestral Table.

Bill and Hayley at Primal Palate chose me as the first Featured Contributor for their new, beautiful, crowd-sourced webpage. Check out the fun interview I did with them.

DIY Food posted an interview where we discuss my global influences, and shared my Kalbi recipe.


image courtesy of Stir it Up!


Josh from Slim Palate shared an adaptation of my Gochujang in his recent Bibimbap recipe post.

Landria from Stir it Up! recently tested my Kalbi recipe to delicious effect.

Katrina from Katrina Runs for Food shares my Sukuma Wiki recipe on her page.

Sue from BirgerBird has been cooking through some of my blog recipes in anticipation of recieving my book. Talk about dedication! So far: Gobhi Mussallam and Harissa-marinated Steak.

John Koenig wrote a quick review of the book. An excerpt: “Context comes to mind when reading The Ancestral Table. This isn’t a “take advantage of a hot theme” effort. This man’s life and health and discoveries are front and center, the true theme. His message is strong and compelling, and the story woven throughout makes The Ancestral Table special. First class.”

Lava Lake Lamb, who donated the lamb that I used for the cookbook photos, shared their thoughts on The Ancestral Table.



Robb Wolf kindly offered to have me write a guest post on his blog (Robb’s book, The Paleo Solution, first inspired me to change my diet and restore my health). In the guest post, I deconstruct the true origin of Beef Bourguignon, down to the individual histories of each ingredient. It was a lot of fun.

Amazon.com selected The Ancestral Table as one of their Best Books of the Month!



balancedbites: I can’t say enough good things about this book, and about @thedomesticman who wrote it. If you’re ready for the type of Paleo eating that leans into traditional foods and drops the dogma around things like white rice and white potatoes (which may be problematic for some, but perfectly fine for others here and there), then this book will truly engage you and make you excited to get into the kitchen!

thepaleomom: Ooh! Look what just came in the mail! It’s a work of art @thedomesticman !!! Congratulations! #theancestraltable

primalpalate: I’m so in love with every aspect of this book. Especially the level headed approach for rice, potatoes and dairy. The way Russ approaches Paleo is nearly identical to my approach. I have his back on these issues! -Bill #theancestraltable @thedomesticman

firstcomeshealth: The mailman made my day. You guys, THIS is one of the best cookbooks I’ve ever seen. Not hyperbole. Gorgeous photos, informative, and above all the recipes unique and mouthwatering. Meals for the next few weeks are planned. Mark your calendars for its Feb. 11 release!! Congratulations, Russ! @thedomesticman

slimpalate: This is hands down one of my favorite books so far. @thedomesticman #theancestraltable

scapegoated: It’s here, and it’s stunning! If you haven’t pre-ordered #theancestraltable by @thedomesticman yet, you’re gonna want to get on that! I got to draw some small spot illustrations for this book, which was super fun. Thanks for involving me in this project, Russ!

paleomg: I don’t think a paleo/primal book could get more gorgeous than this. Absolutely gorgeous @thedomesticman

cavemomlife: While I’ve eaten a lot of amazing food since going Paleo, I was just in awe of how beautiful this dish was when I put it on the table. @thedomesticman hit a home run with #theancestraltable. I made his “Sukuma Wiki” using a combination of ground beef and ground lamb (I doubled the recipe so we could have some leftovers). My husband enjoyed it, and my picky 6 year old even said it tasted good!

vahuntergatherers: Happy Saturday! Our postal carrier just dropped off Russ Crandall’s #theancestraltable. It’s been amazing watching this book come together, and it’s beautiful! We’ve got some cooking to do. #paleo #cookbook

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to look through The Ancestral Table, and sharing your thoughts. It’s hard to believe that by the time my Tuesday recipe posts, I’ll be a published author! And it all started here on this little blog – thank you for your readership and encouragement.

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