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Career Aptitude Test : 7 Reasons to Take One


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Jan 13, 2024
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career aptitude test

Are you fresh out of college and unsure about what job opportunities are suitable for you or do you struggle with social anxiety and you need the best job for people with social anxiety? Or do you want to make a career change? A career quiz can help you discover which career would best suit your personality, skillset, and interests.

Understanding what career options work best for you is crucial. Without a test to help you find a suitable career path, there is a chance you might end up regretting your choice and feeling unfulfilled at the workplace.

Read on to learn why you should take a career test and discover some highly-rated test platforms that can help with suitable career choices.

What is a Career Aptitude Test?

According to Statista, more than half of the U.S population feel frustrated at their jobs (sometimes, often, and very often). It would be best if you didn’t have to endure or “manage” your job when you can enjoy it.

A career aptitude or personality assessment test is a tool that helps participants discover their interests, passion, personality type, and suitability for a career or job. These tests also measure one’s probability of succeeding or performing optimally in any occupation.

Career tests are helpful because they don’t only tell you what jobs aren’t suitable for you but can also help you choose a career based on your answers and strengths. There is a caveat, though; you have to answer all questions honestly. No half-truths! It is not an exam, and there are no wrong answers.

While career assessment tests are not 100% accurate, they offer objective and sound advice to match your career interests and aid your career choice.

Why Take a Career Aptitude Test?

Many people choose careers or jobs based on the size of the paycheck or other benefits, but that’s a myopic way to determine a suitable career. You should always prioritize your mental health, passion, interest, values, etc. And an assessment test will help you determine which career path suits your personality type.

The following are some reasons to take a career test before going job-hunting or making a career transition.

Helps You Understand Your Strengths

That is arguably the most crucial aspect to consider before choosing any career. Career tests help identify your unique strengths and attributes and explore your interests. With this, you can choose the right career path.

It would help if you always played to your strengths, but you can’t do that if you’re unsure what those strengths are. If this is your experience, you need an aptitude test.

Some people even have a misguided notion about their strengths. After taking a non-subjective aptitude test, the truth becomes apparent.

Helps You Avoid Frustration

Not just frustration, it can help with depression too! Every day, people get burnt out at their jobs, regretting their decisions and looking for an escape. You don’t want to invest time and other resources in pursuing a career that doesn’t bring internal peace and fulfillment.

If you want to enjoy your career, an aptitude test should be part of your decision-making process. Since these tests factor in your strengths, personality, and interests, it’s unlikely you’d get harmful recommendations. Remember that frustration at the office can lead to frustration at home and in your personal life. So taking a career quiz is one of the best decisions to find the right job and achieve career satisfaction.

Something I recommend if you are frustrated and fearful when applying for jobs it may be because you don’t feel confident you will get those positions “so why even try?”. Positive affirmations is a simple but easy way to build up your confidence and go after careers you may not have normally pursued out of fear.

Saves Time and Money

You can make lost money again. Time? Nope. If you believe both resources are essential, isn’t it a great idea to do something that helps you save both?

When you don’t know the best career to pursue, you will spend resources pursuing anything. In exploring and “figuring things out,” you’re losing time and money (and even patience). If you’re not careful, this could lead to frustration too.

Now let’s flip it. Knowing the career that suits your personality type means you’d begin to invest your resources in that field. You will also have laser focus which is crucial for success.

So, which is better? Go about it blindly, waste time and money, or get reliable data and focus your energy? Choose the latter!

Get Objective Results

Want the best advice? Don’t ask yourself or those around you – friends, family, (and probably the odd passerby). These groups of people will likely be biased, affecting the advice they give to you. Don’t get it wrong; their inputs should count, but let it not be the all in all.

Career tests are scientifically objective, and these tools will give you actionable results based on your interests. You won’t only get actionable results but information that isn’t tainted due to affiliation or external factors. And that’s why these tests are highly rated.

If you compliment your instincts and friendly advice with the results from aptitude tests, you’re more likely to make the right move.

Career Tests are Not Definitive

People who get the best results from career assessment tests do multiple tests, and this is because aptitude tests are not definitive or final, or absolute. And so, it is best to try other tests to get a better overall assessment of one’s personality.

If the data is consistent across two or three tests, you know what you’re supposed to do. So if you’ve been holding yourself from taking a test because it may not reflect your actual personality traits and career tilts, this settles it.

Confidence Booster

There’s nothing as empowering and motivating as knowing one’s purpose and what one loves doing. It is a massive confidence booster. You’d find that you have more commitment and passion for pursuing your career. That’s what assessment tests can help you achieve.

Confidence plays an integral role in helping you excel in your career and workplace. The more confident you are, the more success you will likely achieve. Confidence also helps with decision-making and handling career pressure. Take a test today and boost your confidence.

Prepares You for Success

Completing a career test, discovering your true nature and career path, and following through will help you succeed. It is almost inevitable that you will enjoy the experience, having gained clarity, confidence, and purpose.

If you have atychiphobia (fear of failure), taking a test can help alleviate that fear and position you for success. Consider taking a career test today.

Note: It is best to work with a career counselor/psychologist to help analyze the test result and ensure you’re making the right choice. Career coaching is underrated but has many benefits.

How to Find Free Career Aptitude Test Platforms

There are numerous career tests online, and we will briefly discuss the best free ones below.


CareerExplorer is one of the best assessment tools anyone can use to discover themselves and career compatibility. The company boldly claims they help unlock the future you.

After taking the assessment, the platform will suggest careers for you to consider. There are also bits of information on each one to guide you. You can even browse industry options, from health to arts, sports, music, etc. Click the Take The Test button at the top of the screen.

123 Career Test

This career assessment platform is another popular and reliable option for you. This tool will help you discover what occupations and work environments best suit your personality.

123 Career Test also provides recommendations you can use after taking the test. And you don’t have to wait for results; you get them as soon as you complete the process. Read the test instructions on the homepage before proceeding to take the test.

Truity Career Personality Profiler

You can find a career you love with the help of Truity career profiler. This tool will assess your interests and skills and match them to real-life profitable jobs.

This platform also offers a unique photo quiz section that helps you determine your ideal career through photos. You have to choose the images that appeal to you, and the system will do the rest.


CareerHunter helps you hunt down and match you with your ideal career. There are six tests involved in this process, but note that only the first one is free. If you decide to proceed with the other tests, you’d be required to pay a fee.

However, how the first test is set up can help you discover your interests and identify suitable jobs. The first test entails 27 questions and 135 statements about work stuff, and it is a comprehensive test and can take up to 15 minutes to complete.

For those who want to complete all six tests, the tool will help you discover your ideal career and suggest up to 250 career paths. CareerHunter also provides detailed information about each one, including course recommendations, qualifications, salary, etc. In a nutshell, you get a complete report package to help with self-discovery.

Closing Thoughts

Career aptitude tests are instrumental in helping people discover their personality traits and match them with ideal careers.

Whether you’re a student, a job seeker, looking to change your job, or you want to understand your current job compatibility better; assessment tests are helpful. Consider taking a test today and identify your ideal career.

This article originally appeared on Wealth of Geeks.

Originally posted 2022-04-26 15:14:41.
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