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Best Travel Backpack for Moms – choosing a Travel Bag for Moms – 2024


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Jan 13, 2024
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Last Updated on January 12, 2024 by Ariana Svenson

Are you seeking the best travel backpack for moms? If you’re busy (and who isn’t), then the best travel bag for moms surely has to be one that leaves you hands-free. Whether you’ll be pushing a stroller or luggage trolley at the airport or have a babe-in-arms, then good quality travel backpacks can be worth their weight in gold. Which is why this post is all about finding the best travel backpacks for moms on the go!

This post may contain affiliate links, from which we would earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. More info in my disclaimer.​

Best Travel Backpack for Moms, mom travel bag, backpack for travel

What Do We Mean by a Travel Backpack for Moms?​

We already have a post covering the best mom backpacks for day-to-day use. The best backpacks for moms who travel, though, might be different. Why? Well you might need to carry a whole lot more, for starters.

If you’re a mom who travels, then it’s fair to assume that you’re going to be away from home. The duration might be anything from a day trip or overnight stay to a long weekend – or even a full-on vacation. So the best backpack for traveling moms is one that can cope with that added capacity.

As well as all the usual daily essentials you take when you’re close to home, you’re probably going to need extra space for more supplies of diapers, snacks, drinks, changes of clothing, cold or wet weather wear and so on. You might even need to take your tech along with you too – or simply want something that looks more like a regular travel backpack.

Whether you’re looking for the best travel bags for moms with toddlers, teens or something in-between, then this article should help you find what you’re looking for. I’ve assessed the most popular travel backpacks to discover which are best suited to busy moms on the move, and listed only the very best ones right here.

I’m a solo parent to three kids, and we travel frequently for both business and pleasure. So I’ve tried and tested so many backpacks over the years! Meaning I know just what to look for when you want to find the best bags for moms who travel.

From budget backpacks for moms with toddlers to the most stylish backpacks for moms who travel, read on to discover 10 of the top products. So you can source the best backpack purse as a mom who loves having adventures!

Best Travel Backpack for Moms Comparison Table​

NameWear As Key FeaturesBuy Now
Itzy Ritzy
Boss Plus
Grab Bag,
or Stroller Bag
13 colors,
19 pockets,
Buy Now
Eddie Bauer
Places & Spaces
Grab Bag,
or Stroller Bag
Good price,
zipped outer
wipes case
Buy Now
JJB by JuJuBe
Large Travel
Grab Bag,
or Stroller Bag
Stylish look,
stroller strap,
mat with pillow
Buy Now
Columbia Carson
Pass Diaper Bag
Grab Bag,
or Stroller Bag
Outdoor brand, ergonomic
Microban lining
Buy Now
Alexia Land
Large Diaper Bag
Grab Bag,
or Shoulder Bag
big capacity,
Buy Now
Herschel Baby
Settlement Sprout
Backpack or
Grab Bag
4 colors,
changing mat
versatile look
Buy Now
Petunia Pickle
Bottom Sling Bag
Back, Front
or Side Sling
Disney designs,
wipeable finish,
sling shape
Buy Now
HotStyle Bestie
Mini Backpack
Backpack or
Grab Bag
Compact size,
many colors,
holds 11 inch
Buy Now
Nubily Travel
Backpack 40L
Grab Bag,
Or Suitcase
Zip away
shoulder straps,
fits 17.3
inch laptop,
robust materials
Buy Now
Ospery Aura
Backpack or
Grab Bag
large capacity,
several outer
Buy Now
Best Travel Backpack for Moms, mom bag, travel bag for mom, backpack for moms who travel

What to Look for in the Best Travel Backpacks for Moms​

When you’re trying to find the best travel backpack for mums or moms, it’s worth thinking about what size you need, how many compartments might be useful, any extras that come with it, whether the finish is durable and how long your new bag might last for.


The best travel backpack for parents is always going to be one that can carry all the things. But that might not mean you need to look for a large bag. It’s about all the things your family needs.

Partly this will depend on the age of your kids. The smaller they are the more you need to carry is what I’ve found to be the case! As babies need items like diapers, a changing pad, changes of clothing and bottles of milk. Small children like toddlers might also need lots of snacks, toys, drinks and spare clothing too.

The other factor is the length of your trip. Are you thinking days out, overnight stays, weekends away or even vacations? A longer duration means buying a bag that you can pack more into.


The best mom backpack for travel might be a budget buy. If you spend a little more at this stage, though, then you might get something that will last for far longer.

As well as how tough the fabric and zippers are, you may want to think about longevity in another way. Specifically, a bag that doesn’t look like a diaper bag is much more likely to be used for many years to come.


The best mom travel backpack is likely to have lots of compartments for all the stuff, so you can stay organized. Some of the backpacks in this guide have more than 10 pockets, for example, and one has 19!

Think about what you want sections for. Are you carrying tech, or want to keep bottles chilled or warm? Where will you store the changing pad, and what about separate compartments for items like toys, clothes and snacks?



The best backpack for traveling moms is also one that you can keep clean. Fortunately many manufacturers have considered this, and thus make their bags using wipe-clean and water-resistant fabrics.

One even comes with a Microban lining for stain and odor prevention. You might also like to look for a backpack that’s made from tough, durable fabric.


The straps or grab handles on your bag matter because of comfort. Ideally, you want a padded grab handle as it feels much lighter when you’re holding it. The best shoulder straps will also be cushioned, and adjustable too for a better fit.

Stroller straps are a useful addition, as you can go completely bag free by attaching these to your child’s buggy. One of the backpacks listed here has a sling-style strap instead of backpack straps, so it can be worn on your front, back or side.


Various products come with a changing pad included. Selected bags also come with useful items like a keychain or a removable wipes pouch. If you’d find these useful, then it’s surely worth thinking about paying more for such inclusions.

Best Travel Backpack for Moms

10 of the Best Travel Backpacks for Moms​

Itzy Ritzy Boss Plus​

Best for All the Compartments

With 19 pockets and compartments in total, there’s definitely space for everything with this traveling mom backpack! You can also pick between 13 colors and patterns. Even in black, there are 3 different options to choose from here.

There are two insulated outer bottle pockets, which are ideal for keeping drinks cool or warm. Two stroller straps and a keychain are also really helpful touches. A changing pad also comes with this one, and this has its own storage compartment.

Rubber feet at the bottom help to keep this bag both clean and upright, and there’s also a padded top grab handle as well as the shoulder straps.


  • 19 compartments
  • 13 colors and patterns
  • Stroller straps and keychain


  • Not the cheapest diaper backpack

Click here to view the Itzy Ritzy Boss Plus backpack

Eddie Bauer Places & Spaces Bridgeport​

Best for Zippered Outer Pockets

The Eddie Bauer Places & Spaces Bridgeport diaper bag is a very popular pick. And it’s easy to see why – it’s affordable, it looks the part, can be carried three ways and has 11 compartments for storage.

There’s a pair of stroller straps, plus a padded top grab handle and of course the adjustable backpack straps. You also get three insulated bottle pockets, two on the outer and one inside. There’s also a really mom-friendly, zippered outer compartment for storing the items you need most often.

This Eddie Bauer diaper bag also comes with a changing mat and even a wipes case. The easy-open top also makes it simple to locate just what you need.


  • Affordable price
  • Several zippered outer pockets
  • Removable changing pad and wipes case


  • Only 2 colors

Click here to view the Eddie Bauer Bridgeport backpack

JJB by JuJuBe Large Travel Backpack​

Best for Traveling in Style

If you’d like to find a generously sized travel backpack that really looks the part, then buy this JuJuBe one. It doesn’t look anything like a mom backpack, but instead resembles something a corporate traveler might carry. This makes this a truly multi-purpose pick!

Yet it really is designed for moms on the move. There’s a changing station to the front so you can get the dirty business over with quickly, stroller straps, an adjustable and insulated bottle pocket and a trolley strap for at the airport. In all there are 11 storage pockets in this one.

The washable changing pad even comes with a built-in pillow, so your little one is less likely to kick up a fuss when it’s time to switch diapers.


  • Stylish looks
  • Trolley and stroller straps
  • Washable changing pad with pillow


  • Limited colors

Click here to view the JJB by JuJuBe large travel backpack

Columbia Carson Pass Diaper Backpack​

Best for an Outdoor Brand

You might not expect to find a specially designed diaper backpack from a big outdoor brand. But Columbia has come up with the goods here. The Carson Pass is typical of their high quality backpacks, but is tailor made for parents.

If you want a more rugged backpack for outdoor adventures – and don’t want it to look like a diaper bag – then maybe just go for this one. There are plenty of compartments, including one sized for a pacifier or dummy. You’ll also find a sleeve for storing your iPad or tablet.

A great feature of this bag is the leak-proof Microban lining. This protects against odor and is also super easy to wipe clean. There’s also a thermal bottle pocket inside.

The Columbia Carson is one of the most comfortable mom travel backpacks to carry, as it comes with a padded back, breathable mesh panels and padded shoulder straps. Clips for attaching it to a stroller are also included.


  • Top outdoor brand
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Leak-proof Microban lining


  • Rugged look isn’t for everyone

Click here to view the Columbia Carson Pass backpack

Alexia Land Large Diaper Backpack​

Best for a Wipe-Clean Finish

When you want to find the best backpacks for moms on the go while in charge of small children, then check out this one from Alexia Land. With a large capacity, it’s ideal for traveling moms. You can also use and carry this one in a multitude of ways.

Great family-friendly features here include a water-resistant, wipe-clean finish for mopping up spills. There’s also lots of pockets so you can stay organized, and you can use and carry this one as a backpack, handbag or shoulder bag.

What owners love is the way you can open this up and instantly see what’s inside. As well as all your mom and travel necessities, there’s also sleeves where you can store your tech.


  • Carry multiple ways
  • More generous capacity
  • Wipe-clean, water-resistant finish


  • Not the most ergonomic choice

Click here to view the Alexia Land diaper backpack

Herschel Baby Settlement Sprout Backpack​

Best for a Separate Changing Mat Section

This Herschel bag for traveling moms (and dads) is also specifically designed for parents. It’s got all the features of a Herschel backpack – like the brand’s signature stripy lining. But it also comes complete with a folding changing mat for moms on the move. You can even access this via a side zipper to streamline the cleaning-up process.

There’s a nice choice of colors here too, including gray, black, bluestone and a soft rose shade. The bag comes with a range of interior compartments, a zippered outer pocket, a comfortable top grab handle and padded, adjustable shoulder straps.

The bag from this Canadian travel brand looks just like a regular backpack, so you can get years of use out of it, even once your kids have outgrown diapers.


  • 4 colors
  • Looks like a regular backpack
  • Separate changing mat section


  • No stroller straps

Click here to view the Herschel diaper backpack

Petunia Pickle Bottom Sling Bag​

Best Sling Bag

OK, so strictly speaking this one isn’t a backpack as such. But it does allow you to carry everything hands-free in the same way. This is another of those bags that’s ideal for travel as it doesn’t look like a mom or diaper bag.

The designs you can pick from are really cool too. Choose monochrome black or a tan shade called “brioche” for a classic look, or opt for a two-tone indigo and blush option. There’s also Winnie the Pooh, Star Wars or Disney Princess patterns.

Unlike a backpack, you can wear this one on your front or your back – or even your shoulder – making it more versatile when it comes to carrying. That can really help if you’re baby-wearing. The finish is water-resistant and wipeable, and there are several outer pockets for stashing essential items.


  • Wear on front, back or shoulder
  • 3 Disney designs plus other colors
  • Water-resistant and wipeable fabric


  • Fewer pockets than other products

Click here to view the Petunia Pickle Bottom sling bag

HotStyle Bestie Mini Backpack​

Best Compact Backpack

Should you prefer a smaller backpack, the mini Bestie backpack from HotStyle is a great option. It’s relatively little, but not so small that you can’t fit in what you might need for a day out. There are 10 pockets in all and it can hold an 11 inch laptop.

What’s really clever about this bag is that a toddler could use it themselves for travel. The straps are adjustable enough to facilitate this. This product is also covered by a 12-month warranty for peace of mind.

There’s a long list of colors to choose from here, and there are zippered outer pockets on both the front and the back of this bag. It’s great for staying organized, at a good price and available in a shade to suit you (or your child).


  • Great price
  • Lots of colors
  • Plenty of inner and outer pockets


  • The smallest option

Click here to view the HotStyle Bestie mini backpack

Nubily Travel Backpack 40L​

Best for Long Weekends

When you want the best backpack for parents who stay away from home for several nights at a time, take a look at this one. It’s keenly priced and highly rated, yet offers a wealth of helpful features. The 40 liter capacity also makes it perfect for short breaks.

With most airlines, you can use this bag as a carry-on. It also opens up by 180 degrees to make airport security checks quicker and easier. This one is also good for those who need to carry a computer, as there’s a laptop sleeve for machines up to 17.3 inches in size.

Other great features of this bag include elasticated straps for securing the contents, a range of small, large and side pockets, a generously sized main section, top and side grab handles, a strap to secure it to your wheeled case and a compartment to pack the backpack straps into when not in use.

Strong zips and tough water-resistant fabric also make this one that should stand up to the test of time.


  • Robust materials
  • Fits laptops up to 17.3 inches
  • Suitcase strap and pack away backpack straps


  • Budget looks

Click here to view the Nubily 40L travel backpack

Osprey Aura 65L​

Best for Longer Trips

The Osprey Aura has to be the best travel backpack for any mom who takes extended trips. Osprey is one of the best luggage brands out there and their bags last for years and years. I looked carefully at all their backpacks around this size, and selected the Aura as it has a really useful compartment on the outer for easy access. This means you can reach all the essentials quickly and without fuss.

Another particularly mom-friendly feature is the fact that there are two tall water bottle pockets on the sides. There’s also lash points so you can attach more items, hip belt compartments, and even what Osprey calls a “shove-it pocket” for fast storage. A hydration sleeve and raincover also make this a practical choice for hikers and other outdoor moms.

There’s also all the comfort features you might expect, such as padded, adjustable shoulder straps and a suspension for a weightless feel. This bag is also female-specific for a better fit. This is a great travel backpack for moms out there.


  • Large capacity
  • Various outer compartments
  • Comfortable female-specific fit


  • Too big for everyday use

Click here to view the Osprey Aura 65L for women

Best Travel Backpack for Moms, bag for travel, travel bag for mom

Which Travel Backpack for Moms is your Top Pick?​

I hope this post has helped you to find the best travel bag for moms! Whether it’s frequent days out, sleepovers at Grandma’s house or longer trips away, the right travel backpack for moms can simply make life so much easier when you’re on the move.

From compact daypacks to a 65 liter backpack for weeks or even months away from home, there’s lots to pick from when it comes to cost, style and practicality. So which travel backpack for moms will you choose?

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