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“And then we cross our fingers”


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Jan 13, 2024
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Here’s the truth about stakeholder mobilisation: crossing your fingers isn’t going to simply make it happen.

The old-school business analyst’s dream revolves around creating a product, this straightforward, logical, “meets needs” product or service … the one that solves the business problem, exploits the business opportunity. Functionalise it into being a success.

The hope is that with interviews, with a workshop, with a requirements specification, with sign-off, with a stakeholder matrix, with a few users participating in a few UAT sessions, with a go-live broadcast sent from the project sponsor … the hope is that the solution will become the “perfect” solution, and everyone will embrace it. It will work precisely because it works.

But you’re not fooled by this.

Sure, every so often the stars align, but most of the time, this approach merely leads to project failure. Over time and cost, under quality, project failure.
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