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Hustle-free Payment Experience

Hustle-free Payment Experience

We take the experience of our user in the highest priority as it should be, by offering over 100% reduction in time lag, 0% interest rate & a paperless system. Do not compromise on other financial responsibilities.

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Boosting Business Potential

Make it simpler for consumers to acquire their needfuls. Improve customer experience, run a credit-free enterprise & increase revenue. Using Niqao with your bank makes this possible.

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Offline & Online Accessibility

We recognized the global need for financial inclusion, this is why making our solution available to every African is significant. Niqao can be accessible through USSD, Mobile money & Bank account integration.

For User/ Consumers

  1. Choose to checkout with Niqao when buying any product of choice.
  2. Fill out a request form using merchants url or USSD code.
  3. Upon approval, confirm product delivery and set your repayment plan.
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For Sellers/ Merchants

  1. Register to create your Niqao enterprise account.
  2. Use USSD code or unique Url to fill in customers’ financing request and invoice.
  3. Upon approval, confirm product delivery and receive full payment.
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